Jon Parker Lee Photography Rates

Fees include all edited and licensed images for use without restriction indefinitely. We place no restriction on the number of images supplied.

Please drop us a line at or call 07900 495 753 if you’d like to know exactly what you can get covered within these timescales. Happy to chat through client campaign ideas / pitches.


First hour – £155 and £90 per hour thereafter

Half day – £400

Full day – £575

Fees are subject to VAT and parking / mileage


Rates start at £500 + VAT for a short video of approx two minutes. This includes on-site filming for approx half a day and one set of amends. Royalty-free music fees / basic graphics included – bespoke music / advanced graphics by request.

Advanced package quotes available on request. Photography and video combo packages also available.

Fees are subject to VAT and parking / mileage.