A visit to MediaCity, Salford to photograph the Coronation Street actors who present the Sofa Cinema Club podcast.
Apple podcast sofa cinema photography Jon Parker Lee
Sofa Cinema Club – podcast photography

The podcast features  Colson Smith, Ben Price and Jack P. Shepherd who all star in ITV’s Coronation Street.  They set aside an evening to settle down on the sofa together to watch a movie. The problem is they don’t always agree on what to stick on the box.

Apple podcast sofa cinema photography Jon Parker Lee

Jack P. Shepherd, Colson Smith and Ben Price

Colson loves watching (and singing along to) films like Hannah Montana, whereas Ben and Jack rate, critique and discuss films like Goodfellas and Alien. But for the Sofa Cinema Club, the lads are making an exception. Ben and Jack have agreed to watch films Colson likes in return for him watching films that they like. After each movie night the trio get off the sofa and into the studio to discuss what they loved, hated and rated about the films.

Sofa Cinema Club Podcast

Sofa Cinema Club Podcast photography at MediaCity with new background dropped in.

Podcast Photographer Manchester

What is a podcast?

podcast is an edited piece of content which can be a complete radio programme, an edited extract or highlights from a programme, or completely unique content with a particular theme made to be subscribed and listened to as a series. Not every radio programme is available as a podcast


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