This is undoubtedly my favourite photograph of the last 12 months. No, really. Why?

Professional photography lights set-up for a portrait photoshoot in Manchester.

The first time our lighting rig has seen the inside of an office for the last six months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Headshot photographer Manchester post Covid -Jon Parker Lee back in the office!

It isn’t much of a picture. Quiet a boring photograph actually. This is simply a photo of our portrait set-up from inside of our clients offices in Manchester. We visited them at the start of March 2021 to shoot some staff head shots. This is the first office we’ve been invited into since at least October…and even then office visits have been few and far between over the last 12 months. For such simple reasons this photo gives me great hope for a better 2021.

A corporate portrait of a women at a law firm in Manchester.

A couple of frames from our first office visit of 2021.

Headshot photography Manchester after Covid – Portraits

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Commercial portrait for a Manchester business

Plain background headshots.

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Corporate headshots – guideliCorporate headshot photography – guidelines for subjects

There’s no golden rule as to what to wear and what not to wear. However, there are some things you may wish to think about as part of your company’s identity and how this shoot fits with past / future photography and a consistent presentation:

  • Do you want everyone consistent – i.e. in jackets, with ties, etc?
  • Do you want a casual or business attire look? Or both to match different audiences / tenders, etc.
  • Simple is always best – neutral clothing with a dash of colour is always good. If you’ve requested a plain white background then please try to avoid plain white shirts, etc.

Subjects are welcome to bring a change of outfit where time allows

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