Although we’ve been limited in covering photography within offices we have, thankfully, had a busy start to 2021.

Amongst this year’s start we went to York to capture a range of photography for a new professional services start-up based in Manchester. The client works within property and was quite clear about how they wished to look and, indeed, how they didn’t wish to look.

A drone is photographed being flown whilst it films a commercial video.

Our drone met their drone on our recent commercial photoshoot. DJI’s Mavic drones have been a joy to work with for photography and video production.


We always like working with people who give a bit of thought to the photography location. It’s no good saying that you don’t want to look too corporate and then booking one of those sterile serviced offices for the shoot. People often give little thought to the location and expect it to magically look completely different…normally through the magic power of Photoshop! So it was lovely for these guys to source an industrial unit near York. It offered a number of settings that fitted in with their usual work and looked interesting at the same time. Happy days all round.


The key aim of the shoot was to get a good mix of portraits for the business’s new website. As ever, we tried to give as much value as possible and suggested numerous set-ups within this…so to include site gear, using equipment, etc, etc. Corporat portraits but with a few different feels and backgrounds. Lots of choice and plenty of spare photographs for social media, blog posts and such like.


Commercial photographers for Manchester new business

We got a few action shots of the client at work, as well as some photography covering their kit and their USP’s, such as the capabilty to produce drone videos / photos and 3D images. Ever keen to give as much as we could we grabbed bits of detail photography, such as the nice bricks and building features, that can make a nice backdrop and help make marketing material that bit more arresting.

Drone videographer & aerial photography

We’ve been using the new DJI Mavic Air 2 to shoot small pieces of drone video for commercial photography clients since lockdown began. More often than not it’s a little add-on at the moment, a 10 second video clip to throw into the social media mix. We’ve just been working on some more detailed professional video productions with the drone recently, but more on that later. Here’s a quick bit of video footage from the drone’s visit to York.

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