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Headshots photographer Manchester, Jon Parker Lee, specialists in corporate portraits for business.

We produce headshot photography for business clients throughout the UK from our studio near Manchester.   What’s more, our extensive portfolio of major clients choose us for our years of professional experience in providing relaxed and professional head shots and corporate portraits for individuals and teams.

Do you need to refresh your website with photography of new starters? Looking to update your corporate team shots as whole?  Need to improve your LinkedIn profile photograph.  Or are you an actor looking for a set of professional headshots?   We can cover any style of portrait headshot photography.

Your location for headshot photoshoot

Manchester business photoshoots – we visit your office/location with our portable photography studio for your photoshoot.   We can shoot to your corporate style guide, if you have one. If not we can shoot in the context of your business.  With a soft focus background lending some element of your story.  Or we can bring in a backdrop to match any colour you want / match brand guidelines.  Do you want a corporate logo in shot? If so can it be positioned to same height as subject? Always worth a quick chat in advance so as to make the most of your time.

Furthermore, we don’t put a restriction on the number of files we send you.  Giving every portrait subject a good choice of hi-res, edited photographs across a range of smiling, professional, etc.  This ensures you get a great selection of shots to choose from. We use a very limited AI headshot editor to improve skin tone and blemishes.  However,  95% of each and every one our professional headshots relies on great lighting and a subject who’s comfortably and coached through a session to get the best choice of portrait.

Corporate headshot photography near me

As with our headshot photographs, we specialise in portraiture for a whole of host of household brands and famous names. We’ve been portrait photographers for everyone from Prime Ministers to global pop stars and captains of industry.

We love to collaborate with clients to make their corporate headshots and professional portraits both interesting and engaging.  They grab attention and ensure our client is looking their best.

Looking for company headshots Manchester?

Our headshot photography work has been used within most of the UK’s National and regional newspapers, as well as with broadcasters such as The BBC and ITV.  Take a look at our Google reviews for our clients testimony and give us a call / send an email if you’d like a quote for headshot photography or view our standard rates.

Take a look at a sample corporate portrait session. And here are some good tips on your presentation for head shots portraits, be it for your website, LinkedIn or press campaigns.  And don’t be fooled by sites offering AI headshots / artificial intelligence generated corporate head-shots – it won’t get you a great portrait – the output is only as good as what you put in.

Are professional headshots worth the cost?

It’s a fair question and you know what our answer would be. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s an objective overview on the value of good headshots from Adobe, which states: “You want to be able to look at somebody’s headshot and say, ‘That person is someone I would like to work with. Somebody I can trust. I can tell we have the same vibe based on the energy that I’m getting from the picture,’” Read more here.