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A selection of corporate headshots taken in Manchester.

Headshot portrait gallery by Jon Parker Lee Photography Ltd.

We get asked lots of questions about our corporate headshots service: how much will it cost; how long does each person take; can you shoot them at our office and how many images do we get? When it comes to headshot portraits these are the most frequently asked questions. So here’s our guide to headshots.

Are professional headshots worth the cost?

Here’s a fascinating article about corporate portraits in Forbes Magazine. It makes a really good point that, “In 2012, the Cognition And Emotion Journal published an interesting study on facial features. The research showed that you make your decision to trust someone within 100 milliseconds of seeing their face. Talk about the importance of making a solid first impression, right? A less than ideal first glance spells out certain doom for your business. So what if you could get that first impression out of the way before your client walks through the door?”

A headshot portrait for a business in Manchester.

Best headshot portrait photographers in Manchester

Honestly, in the digital world you’re going to initially establish most of your relationships online.  Do you really want to be viewed in your holiday gear or with your 10yr old portrait from your last company? OK, so you look good in that holiday picture but is it professional enough and does it look consistent with the rest of your team? It’s difficult to strike a balance between having a photo where you look your best and part of a professional, trustworthy organisation…and that’s where we can help.

Why use a professional photographer for head shots?

We’ve been taking headshot photographs for over 20yrs (see gallery here).  We know the vast majority of people say, “I hate having my photograph taken.” Many people have a headshot that they’re not entirely happy with.  Or perhaps they use a personal one that gives your team an inconsistent and unprofessional look across the board. We use incredibly flattering lighting, the very best cameras and long-established techniques to bring out the best in every subject. In a digital world your headshot photo is the first impression you will create with clients and so it’s important you look confident and capable .

A corporate business portrait

Jon Parker Lee headshot Photographer Manchester

A businessman's headshot for LinkedIn

Corporate head shots from our Manchester studio at your office.

Head shots for your business in Manchester. Headshot portraits frequently asked questions

Professional head shot photography by Jon Parker Lee

Do we visit a photography studio in Manchester?

No, we setup a studio in your office. We don’t operate a Manchester photography studio anymore – it’s not efficient to drag your whole team away from work and it can be intimidating too. You’re happier in a familiar environment and you can simply step in whenever you’re ready. We can get through large teams quicky and we can fit around your working day to accommodate everyone without any fuss.

 How long will it take to photograph each person?

We normally suggest each person gets a 15 min slot, although we can do much quicker, but it doesn’t always give you the time to relax and try different shots with hair up, jackets on, etc, etc. The more time the better the choice but we can work to any budget. It’s ideal when we have time to let subjects review the shots straight away and let them choose the shots they like the most.

What do you need to take good corporate head shots at our office?

It’s critical that subjects are not overlooked during their short time with us. There’s nothing worse than colleagues watching you when you already feel vulnerable and are trying to give your best. In a private room there are just two of us and we’re the only ones who will see your shots and how you present yourself and how we gently guide you to giving your best presentation.

Studio for headshot photos

We also need a good sized room with plenty of space for the backdrop and lighting, at least 12ft x 10ft but the bigger the better…and it shouldn’t be filled with furniture so that you’re paying good money for us to simply clear a space. We supply a business headshot portrait guide for organisers / subjects at the time of booking, so everyone knows what to expect and we give the best value for money and your time.

Commercial headshot photography Headshot portraits frequently asked questions

Professional headshot photographer in Manchester jonparkerlee

How many images do we get for each person?

We don’t put a limit on the number of shots we supply to each subject, within reason, and will try to send a good selection of ten or so final shots, all at hi-res, colour corrected and cropped, ready to go for unlimited use. This way each subject gets a good choice that they can select from within at a later date…and they’ve also got a choice of shots for different types of audiences, tenders, etc.

 Can you photograph our team members at multiple sites / locations?

Many of our clients have us take their headshots at multiple sites. This was it’s really consistent and teams look very professional and co-ordinated when viewed externally or brought together for bids, tenders, etc.

 How much do corporate headshots cost UK?

commercial portrait photograph

See our UK corporate headshot fees here.

The most frequent question is, inevitably: “How much do headshots cost UK?” Our minimum portrait fee is two hours at £260+VAT. In this time you can get approx. eight people covered, more if you are happy to sacrifice some quality and fewer if you want to get the best out of your most public facing colleagues, such as a SMT / board members. We then have a half day rate of £450+VAT and a full day at £650+VAT.

 Are there any other fees for retouching, licensing, etc?

We charge for mileage and parking, but other than that there are no further fees for your images. We do basic retouching to accentuate the best in hair and skin but we don’t tend to manipulate images. We’re happy to remove spots, blemishes, etc and reserve the right to surcharge, depending on the complexity required.

Where can we use the headshots?

You can use your shots wherever you like, no restrictions and no time limits for licensing.

Female headshot portrait Headshot portraits frequently asked questions

No retouching of photographs required and plenty of choice from your headshot session.

Do you use Artificial Intelligence for your headshot photography?

Our photographs don’t use AI to enhance or adjust a subject. We are seeing AI creeping into portrait photography but on it looks terrible at the moment and reviews we’ve seen for apps that promise great AI portraits are not good at all, see here.  There’s still no substitute for great lighting and gently coaxing a subject to look their best with experience.

Headshot portraits frequently asked questions.

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